Drawing Club & Art Classes

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My Drawing Club provides a fun, pro-active environment for children to develop their love of drawing. Each session has a different technical focus – from understanding negative space, cutting as drawing, using view finders to drawing games and warm-ups.

The children explore a range of media such as: coloured chalks, pastels, inks and using rubbers to draw in charcoal. The children draw different objects in each session for example: flowers, shoes, patterned fabrics and each other! They also draw from imagination and sometimes use other Artist’s work as a starting point.

They all use the same initial stimulus and teaching point but are then encouraged to be creative and give their own individual responses. The children take away a quote and picture relating to their learning each lesson. At the end of the term, they proudly take their sketchbook home.

Art workshops provide a comfortable, fun space for adults to develop their love of Art. Each workshop has a different theme: from monoprinting to painting in colour. No experience or drawing ability is necessary!

Colour and Introductory Painting: Artist inspiration - Euan Uglow, Alex Katz and Wassily Kandinsky. This workshop explores ways to understand colour, the interaction of different colours, complementary colours, emotions and pigments. This includes an introduction to painting techniques including impasto, wet on wet and scumbling.

Introduction to Drawing and Printmaking: This workshop explores abstract techniques by Andy Warhol and Paul Klee, including the blotted line method and monoprinting. We begin with warm-up drawing techniques: a series of very short drawings from observation with a variety of techniques.

Monoprinting at Piquant Collections: Introduction to Drawing and Printmaking

Monoprinting at Piquant Collections: Introduction to Drawing and Printmaking


Y6 partner teacher: ‘You are an incredible teacher and have inspired me more than you’ll ever know...What stands out the most about you is the care and consideration you show all children and your limitless patience. You have made me so much more confident in teaching and developing art. The kids have produced the most stunning pieces which I would never dream of making.’  

Open Age member: ‘Thanks for a thought provoking Autumn term, some wonderful ideas and the work you put into the art lessons.’ 

Y5 parent: ‘We really appreciate your expertise and skill.’  

Class Volunteer: ‘I couldn’t leave St John's without saying my biggest thank you to you. The three years I spent working for you were, by far, the most enjoyable. Thank you!’ 

Y6 parent: ‘You have been so kind, caring, calm and supportive that Delilah has absolutely blossomed with you as her teacher...I can’t imagine anyone better.’ 

School Governor: ‘ Thank you for your wonderful work on the mural with year 6.’ 

SENCO: ‘I will miss you not only as a fantastic teacher but as a fantastic colleague - I’ve loved sharing ideas with you! Thank you for your advice about art for Ellie!’ 

Y6 parent: ‘Thanks for all your hard work with the class - wonderful trips and exciting artwork - all much appreciated!’ 

Piquant workshop participant: "I had a fantastic time at the workshop. Having not experimented with art for a long time I was a bit nervous, but Ruth created a really safe, fun space for us to experiment and explore the things we liked. She's clearly very talented herself, and she always found lots of thoughtful ways to pick out and compliment details of the pieces that we made."

Y3/4 Teacher and Art Leader: Thanks so much Ruth for the Art Twilight! It was so useful - thanks for showing us so many different media and techniques. Really so helpful thank you!