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An explanation of how I got where I am today.

In 2017, I dived into full time art practise after leaving teaching.

During the last seven years that I taught, I’ve always included Art as much as I can: from organising whole school exhibitions, leading painting training sessions, running specialised Art Clubs, designing self-led art trips, immersing myself in as much art training as possible and linking with Artists through the Islington’s Primary Arts Network. Over the years, I’ve been to inspiring exhibitions, loved seeking out courses, watching online tutorials and videos like Tate shorts.

Art has always been a part of who I am. 

After participating in a Slade painting course in 2015, I felt an excitement that reaffirmed how much I love the practise of drawing. Drawing and learning just feel inseparable, it’s a way to think for me. The course confirmed that I need Art to be a bigger part of my life. Not only did I learn this emotionally, but I realised that there are multiple techniques that I want to develop - colour theory, the absence of line, how to see and ‘read’ a painting.

Painters such as Alice Neel, Lucian Freud and Oswaldo Guayasamin inspire my work. From the way they use oil paint in a direct way that depicts human vulnerability to their use of colour, those blue greys and milky flesh tones convulsing together with writhing lines, it’s phenomenal.

Life drawing forms a huge part of organising my ideas about perception, relationships, worries, and ideals. I enjoy exploring the concept of self-esteem through life drawing and looking at Artists who use the body in their work. I’m interested in representing how the emotional manifests; body language and mannerisms can conceal and reveal signals. Capturing how small social cues form overall constructs of people is something I’d like to follow further through drawing what’s around me.

What makes us human is a topic I've always been interested in studying, during my Undergraduate years I took courses in Anatomy, Anthropology, History of Medicine, and History of Art. I wanted to examine what it means to be human and to better understand transformation in relation to mental confusion; it drives part of my practise. I’m fascinated by where the ‘normal’ lies visually and how this changes over time between, and within, different cultures. The figure is an important starting point for learning about acceptance, abnormality and confinement.



2019 Person Shaped, Loven Presents, London (solo show)

2019 Group Summer Show, General Office Gallery, Stourbridge

2019 Approach, Gaunson House, London (first solo show)

2019 A Work of Art, The Old Biscuit Factory, London

2018 Islington Art Society Autumn Exhibition, The Original Gallery, London

2018 IAF Summer Salon, Islington , London

2018 Islington Art Society Spring Exhibition, Stoke Newington Gallery, London

2018 The Nude, Candid Arts, Islington, London

2018 Bunhill Exhibition, Islington Museum, London

2018 Loop, Finsbury Square, London

2018 Selfie Exhibition, Candid Arts, Islington, London

2017 Islington Art Society Autumn Exhibition Ply Gallery, London

2014 Splitpin Presents Art in the Crypt pt 3 'Ep=mgh: The Obstruction of Obliteration', London

2014 Islington Exhibits @ Blighty Cafe, Islington, London

2017 Islington Art Society Autumn Exhibition, Ply Gallery, London