Works Sale 2019


Dear friends

I have been accepted onto a painting programme at Turps Art School. I am incredibly pleased and proud to be taking part in a year of art crits, mentoring and art talks with some of the UK's top contemporary painters and see this opportunity as a next stepping stone. Therefore, I am having a works sale.

In my sale booklet, I've included older works at discounted prices, followed by more recent pieces to buy. If you are interested please get in touch. If you would like to know more and to receive the PDF, please email me ( or call me (07508748202). I also have a lot more work which is not included in the PDF.

This year, I have had work on display at The Old Biscuit Factory (group show), Craving Coffee (solo show), The General Office (group show) and Loven Presents (solo show). I am taking part in a two-person show at St Margaret's House from now until October.

Thank you for your support and positive messages over the last few years. I really appreciate having your encouragement.

Ruth x