Ruth Batham is a Black Country-born Artist living and working in North London. She shares her time between developing her own practice and teaching drawing to others. 

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Own Practice

Ruth's work explores human relationships and the self, especially the ways that small changes can have large impacts on overall interpretation. Her practice ranges from drawing and figurative oil painting to colour studies and painted glass carvings, in which she use distortion, reflection and colour interaction to play with meaning and perception.


Art Clubs for Primary Schools

Ruth's Drawing Clubs provides a fun, pro-active environment for children to develop their love of drawing. Each session has a different technical focus and the children explore a range of media. Children are then encouraged to give their own individual responses. At the end of the term, they proudly take their sketchbook home.

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Art Tuition 

Ruth also runs bespoke Art Tuition sessions. The sessions she plans and runs are based on a huge range of experiences and can be tailored to fit whatever Arty interest you have.

Send an email to learn more about these drawing and painting workshops. Suitable for all ages!

Tate Exchange

A time lapse video of the hang at Tate Modern for the exhibition with Flourishing Lives at Tate Exchange. The excellent array of pictures were done by Open Age members responding to the theme RE:Generation. Ruth spent one year teaching Art at the Ladbroke Grove Open Age centre.